Proceedings of the 30th Workshop on Combinatorial Mathematics and Computation Theory

National Dong Hwa University, Hualien, Taiwan, April 26-27, 2013

Best Papers

  1. Some Results of Antibandwidth on Generalized Prism Graphs (P.1)

    Jun-Jie Liu, Hung-Lung Wang, Jou-Ming Chang

  2. The Next-to-shortest Path Problem on Directed Graphs with Positive Edge Weights (P.6)    

    Bang Ye Wu, Hung-Lung Wang

  3. Approximating the Canadian Traveller Problem and Its Variations (P.13)    

    Yamming Huang, Chung-Shou Liao

  4. Moderately Exponential Time Approximation Algorithms for the Maximum Bounded-degree-1 Set Problem (P.23)  

    Maw-Shang Chang. Ling-Ju Hung

  5. Foolproof Weak Roman Domination Problem (P.31)

    Yung-Ling Lai, Yung-Hsiang Cho

  6. The Longest Common Subsequence Problem with the Gapped Constraint (P.37)

    Kai-Yuan Cheng, Kuo-Si Huang, Chang-Biau Yang,Hsin-Yen Ann

Applications I

  1. A Participatory Game Design Process for Learning Hamiltonian Path Problem (P.43)

    Yen-Hsun Ho,Meng-Chien Yang,Lih-Hsing Hsu

  2. A Flexible Trading Strategy for Different Investor Attributes in Mutual Funds (P.49)     

    Ying-Chih Lin, Richard Chun-Hung Lin

  3. Involution Pseudoknot-bordered Words (P.59)   

    Chen-Ming Fan, C. C. Huang,Jyun-Siang Zeng

  4. A Lower Bound for 1-median Selection in Metric Spaces (P.65)   

    Ching-Lueh Chang

  5. The Route-Capturing Game (P.69)    

    Muly Yang, Hung-Lung Wang

  6. A Heuristic Algorithm for the Bottleneck Selected-internal Minimum Spanning Tree Problem (P.75)

    Chien Yuan Ho, Yu Ting Kuo, Yen Hung Chen

Applications II

  1. Key Substitution Attacks on TSO et al.'s Short Signature Scheme (P.81)     

    Chun-Hua Chen, Jonathan Tsai

  2. Mining Weighted Frequent Itemsets (P.85)   

    Guo-Cheng Lan, Tzung-Pei Hong, Hong-Yu Lee, Chun-Wei Lin

  3. 分子對接模擬系統- 以 HADOOP 平台及 CUDA 架構實作 (P.90)

    李育郝, 蔡林鋒, 許弘駿

  4. CUDA 架構下的平行化局部診斷設計與模擬 (P.96)   

    鄭偉仁, 賴寶蓮, 許弘駿

  5. 於多人間視覺分享多重機密 (P.102)

    陳琨, 李宏恩, 徐熊健

  6. 開發全向輪型機器人系統上的立體視覺功能 (P.108)


Combinatorial Algorithms

  1. Solving the Subcircuit Extraction Problem by Using Bit-Parallel Filtering Algorithm (P.116)

    Chia Shin Ou, Chin Lung Lu, Richard Chia-Tung Lee

  2. An Improved Algorithm for Exact String Matching Based-on the Turbo BNDM Algorithm (P.124)

    Kuei-Hao Chen, Guan-Shieng Huang, Richard Chia-Tung Lee

  3. An Exact String Matching Algorithm Based upon Selective Matching Order and Branch and Bound Approach (P.131)

    Chia Wei Lu,
    Richard Chia-Tung Lee

  4. On the Bottleneck Partial Terminal Steiner Tree Problem (P.138)

    Yen Hung Chen

  5. An Exact Algorithm for Correlation Clustering on Labelled Items (P.143)

    Bang Ye Wu, Li-Hsuan Chen, Chen-Wan Lin, Chun-Chieh Wang

  6. On the Parallel Distributed List Update Problem (P.150)

    Hsin-Lung Wu

Graph Theory

  1. Contractible Digraphs (P.156)

    Rueiher Tsaur

  2. On the Signed Domination Number of Torus Graphs (P.160)

    Ruei-Yuan Chang, Min-Ling Chen, Sheng-Lung Peng

  3. 2-rainbow Domination on Cylinders and Tori (P.163)

    Kung-Jui Pai, Ro-Yu Wu, Ting-Wei Liu

  4. On Power Domination Problem of Product Graphs (P.171)

    Yung-Ling Lai, Pei-Kang Chien

  5. Power Domination on Chordal Rings (P.181)

    Wei-Jai Chiu, Kung-Jui Pai

  6. A Preliminary Result of Completely Independent Spanning Trees on Chordal Rings (P.186)

    Sing-Chen Yao, Jinn-Shyong Yang,Shyue-Ming Tang,Jou-Ming Chang

Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics

  1. Protein Structure Alignment Algorithms and Visualization Web Services with Various Initial Methods on Cloud Platform (P.192)

    Yaw-Ling Lin, Chen-En Hsieh, Guan-Jie Hua,Che-Lun Hung

  2. Evolutionary Algorithm in HPC Model For Protein Structure Prediction (P.199)

    Shih-Chieh Su, Jyh-Jong Tsay

  3. An improved genetic algorithm for 2D triangular protein structure prediction (P.206)

    Shih-Chieh Su, Jyh-Jian Tsay

  4. An Automatic Micro-calcification Detection Method on Mammograms Based on Fractal Dimension (P.212)

    Shen-Chuan Tai, Zih-Siou Chen, Chin-Peng Lin, Li-li Cheng

  5. 雙重底粒子族群最佳化於細胞週期相關控制基因之單核苷酸多型性條碼辨識 (P.218)

    Li-Yeh Chuang, Yu-Da Lin, Cheng-Hong Yang

  6. 使用基於人口統計資訊之基因演算法在臺北市自動體外心臟去顫器之最佳化應用 (P.224)


Graph Algorithms

  1. Polynomial-Time Algorithm for Computing K-Terminal Reliability of d-Trapezoid Graphs (P.234)

    Chao-Chun Ting, Min-Sheng Lin

  2. An Improving Algorithm for the Node-to-Set Disjoint Paths Problem on Bi-Rotator Graphs (P.239)

    Yu-Sheng Huang, Sheng-Lung Peng, Ro-Yu Wu

  3. A Fault Diagnostic Algorithm of General Biswapped Networks (P.246)

    Jheng-Cheng Chen, Chang-Hsiung Tsai

  4. Conditional Fault-Tolerance of Hamiltonian Cycles for Crossed Cubes (P.252)

    Shi-Jie Liu, Chun-Nan Hung

  5. Embedding Torus into Hierarchical Crossed Cubes (P.261)

    Kuan-Ting Chen, Pao-Lien Lai

  6. Counting Independent Sets in a Co-comparability Graph (P.266)

    Sheng-Huang Su, Min-Sheng Lin

Interconnection Networks

  1. Omega-Wide Diameters of Pyramid Networks (P.270)

    Hsien-Jone Hsieh, Dyi-Rong Duh

  2. The m-pancycle-connectivity of Basic WK-recursive Pyramids (P.280)

    Yi-Chun Wang, Justie Su-Tzu Juan

  3. A Study on Scalable Parallelism and Integrity in Honeycomb Networks (P.287)

    Li-Yen Hsu

  4. On the Two-Disjoint-Cycle-Cover Pancyclicity of Crossed Cubes (P.294)

    Tzu-Liang Kung, Hon-Chan Chen

  5. Mutually Independent Hamiltonian Cycles of Ck * Ck+1 (P.302)

    Kai-Siou Wu, Justie Su-Tzu Juan

  6. On the Existence of Vertex Transitive 4-ordered Hamiltonian and 4-ordered Hamiltonian Connected Cubic Graphs (P.311)

    Chun-Nan Hung, Hsuan-Wei Wang, Lih-Hsing Hsu