Proceedings of the 33nd Workshop on Combinatorial Mathematics and Computation Theory

National Taiwan University, Department of Mathematics, Taipei, Taiwan, May 13-14, 2016.


Session A1:Best Paper Track

  1. The Generalized Definitions of the Two-Dimensional Largest Common Substructure Problems     (P.1)

    Huang-Ting Chan(詹皇廷), Chang-Biau Yang(楊昌彪), Yung-Hsing Peng(彭永興)

  2. Approximation Algorithms for Single Allocation k-hub Center Problem     (P.13)

    Li-Hsuan Chen(陳立軒), Dun-Wei Cheng(鄭敦維), Sun-Yuan Hsieh(謝孫源), Ling-Ju Hung(洪綾珠), Chia-Wei Lee(李佳衛), Bang Ye Wu(吳邦一)

  3. Exact Multiple String Matching Problem for DNA Alphabet     (P.19)

    Yi-Kung Shieh(謝一功), Shyong Jian Shyu(徐熊健), and R.C.T. Lee(李家同)

Session B1:Graph Algorithms

  1. Maximal Singly Connected Digraphs     (P.30)

    Shao-Li Lyu(呂紹立), Hung-Lung Wang(王弘倫), Jou-Ming Chang(張肇明)

  2. On Total Vertex Cover Problem in Subcubic Graphs     (P.34)

    Sheung-Hung Poon, Wei-Lin Wang(王維琳)

  3. Weak Roman Domination of Cartesian Products     (P.40)

    Yung-Ling Lai(賴泳伶), Jing-Tong Wang(王靖同), Yu-Ting Chen(陳昱廷)

  4. Finding Paired Dominating Sets     (P.45)

    Yu-Sen Kao(高宇森), Ching-Lueh Chang(張經略)

  5. Heuristic Algorithms for Tree-depth of Social Networks     (P.47)

    Chia-Hao Lu(呂家豪), Bang Ye Wu(吳邦一)

Session A2:Bioinformatics

  1. Application of the BWT Method to Solve the Exact String Matching Problem     (P.52)

    T. W. Chen(陳庭偉), R. C. T. Lee(李家同)

  2. Metagenomic Analysis and Features Selection in Human Oral Microbiota Associated with Periodontal Disease     (P.58)

    Yaw-Ling Lin(林耀鈴), Suh-Jen Jane Tsai(蔡素珍), Yu-Chen Hu(胡育誠), Wen-Pei Chen(陳文培)

  3. Molecular Descriptors Selection in Support Vector Machine Classication of Protein-ligand Binding Anity with Applications to Molecular Docking     (P.65)

    Chen-En Hsieh (謝承恩), Grace Shiahuy Chen(陳香惠), Chia-Chen Lin(林家禎), Yaw-Ling Lin(林耀鈴)

Session B2:Optimization and Applications

  1. Understanding Mathematical Expressions from Camera Image     (P.70)

    Chun-Yao Wang(王俊堯), Ying-Chin Lin(林英志), Han Yuan Tan(陳漢源), Jing-Yun Zeng(曾敬允)

  2. News Recommendation Based on Entropy Computation     (P.75)

    Yu-Min Zhang(張育珉), Ying-Chih Lin(林英志) , Xun Zhou(周洵)

  3. Helly Type Fixed Clique Theorems for Multifunctions     (P.80)

    Rueiher Tsaur(曹瑞和)