Proceedings of the 31st Workshop on Combinatorial Mathematics and Computation Theory

University of Taipei, Department of Computer Science, Taipei, Taiwan, April 25-26, 2014


Session A1: Best Papers

  1. Efficient algorithms for the flexible longest common subsequence problem     (P.1)

    Yi-Pu Guo (郭奕浦), Yung-Hsing Peng (彭永興), Chang-Biau Yang (楊昌彪)

  2. An O * (1.4658n)-time exact algorithm for the maximum bounded-degree-1 set problem    (P.9)

    Maw-Shang Chang (張貿翔), Li-Hsuan Chen (陳立軒), Ling-Ju Hung (洪綾珠), Yi-Zhi Liu (劉奕志), Peter Rossmanith, Somnath Sikdar

  3. Improved exact string matching algorithms based upon selective matching order and branch and bound approach     (P.19)

    Chia Wei Lu (呂嘉維), Chin Lung Lu (盧錦隆), R.C.T. Lee (李家同)

  4. A one-to-many parallel routing algorithm on a generalized recursive circulant graph     (P.29)

    Shyue-Ming Tang (唐學明), Jinn-Shyong Yang (楊進雄), Jou-Ming Chang (張肇明), Yue-Li Wang (王有禮)

  5. Cycles identifying vertices for fault isolation in locally twisted cubes     (P.37)

    Jheng-Cheng Chen (陳正誠), Chia-Jui Lai (賴家瑞), Chang-Hsiung Tsai (蔡正雄)

  6. The Steiner ratio of the clustered Steiner tree problem is three     (P.44)

    Bang Ye Wu (吳邦一), Chen-Wan Lin (林蓁琬), Li-Hsuan Chen (陳立軒)

  7. Approximation algorithms on consistent dynamic map labeling     (P.51)

    Chung-Shou Liao (廖崇碩), Chih-Wei Liang (梁智崴), Sheung-Hung Poon

  8. Improved approximation algorithm for the (1,2)-partial-terminal Steiner tree problem     (P.62)

    Chia-Chen Wei (魏嘉成), Chia-Wei Lee (李佳衛), Sun-Yuan Hsieh (謝孫源), Sheng-Lung Peng (彭勝龍)

  9. Independent spanning trees on crossed cubes     (P.66)

    Jhen-Ding Wang (王溱鼎), Jou-Ming Chang (張肇明), Jinn-Shyong Yang (楊進雄), Kun-Fu Ding (丁坤福)

  10. A kernelization algorithm for the min-max p-cluster editing problem     (P.73)

    Li-Hsuan Chen (陳立軒), Bang Ye Wu (吳邦一)

Session B1: String Algorithms&Bioinformatics

  1. Selecting molecular docking sites by neighbor selection and various factors     (P.78)

    Chen-En Hsieh (謝承恩), Shiahuy Chen (陳香惠), Pei-Sheng Hsu (徐培升), Chun-Jung Chen (陳春榮), Yaw-Ling Lin (林耀鈴)

  2. A bit-parallel filtering algorithm to solve the approximate string matching problem     (P.88)

    Chia Shin Ou (歐家欣), R.C.T. Lee (李家同)

  3. 從次世代定序資料探索可能的基因選擇性剪接事件     (P.92)

    楊舜安, 鐘文鈺

  4. The filtering approaches for the improved boyer-moore approximate string matching  (P.96)

    Yi Kung Shieh (謝一功), R.C.T. Lee (李家同)

Session C1: Combinatorics Algorithms

  1. 快速找尋停車格問題分析-以「雙排單向道」停車為例     (P.103)

    劉繕榜, 林謙, 黃柏虔, 胡裕仁, 張宜武

  2. 氣泡排序圖上寬路徑路由問題及寬直徑問題研究     (P.109)

    謝育平, 王子銘

  3. 使用 CUDA 平行計算機制運用到高頻套利交易-以台指期權市場為例      (P.116)

    徐宇薇, 林俞君, 潘長華, 吳現任, 戴天時, 王釧茹

  4. 利用 MapRedcue 架構列舉所有最小生成樹     (P.123)

    蔡宏偉, 王弘倫

  5. A new online packet scheduling algorithm     (P.127)

    Hsiang-Chen Chan (詹庠宸), Jen-Chun Chang (張仁俊), Hsin-Lung Wu (吳信龍), Tsung-Chien Wu (吳宗謙)

Session A2: Graph Theory

  1. Rainbow domination in generalized de Bruijn digraphs     (P.130)

    Yue-Li Wang (王有禮), Meng-Hao Ko (柯孟豪), Jia-Jie Liu (劉嘉傑)

  2. Upper bounds on 2 and 3-rainbow domination number of Sierpinski graphs     (P.134)

    Ting-Wei Liu(劉庭崴) , Kung-Jui Pai (白恭瑞), Ro-Yu Wu (吳若禹)

  3. Characterizing fault-tolerant hamiltonian properties with degree sequences     (P.139)

    Shih-Yan Chen (陳世宴), Hsun Su (蘇珣), Shin-Shin Kao (高欣欣)

  4. 彩虹連通在導覽路線上的應用     (P.143)

    李安鈞, 賴泳伶

  5. On the incidence ranking of paths, cycles and grids     (P.148)

    Zih-Syuan Syu (許子軒), Jinn-Shyong Yang (楊進雄), Jou-Ming Chang (張肇明)

Session B2: Graph Algorithms

  1. P-mixed domination: a unified approach to mixed domination and various domination-related problems in trees     (P.156)

    Chuan-Min Lee (李權明)

  2. An O(n2)-time algorithm for computing the K-terminal reliability of rooted directed path graphs    (P.166)

    Chao-Chun Ting (丁肇君), Min-Sheng Lin (林敏勝)

  3. 線性時間內在強弦圖上產出 simple moplex 順序     (P.171)

    王弘倫, 江韋伶

  4. Heuristic algorithms for clustered Steiner minimum tree problem     (P.174)

    余柏頡, 吳邦一

Session C2: Interconnection Networks (I)

  1. Cube connected crossed cube: a new interconnection topology      (P.180)

    Hong-Chun Hsu (許弘駿), Shin-Pei Hsu (許歆沛)

  2. One method for efficiently embedding Hamiltonian cycle in Mobius cubes     (P.186)

    Kao-Lin Hu (胡高霖), Pao-Lien Lai (賴寶蓮), Cheng-Yi Lin (林政毅)

  3. Path embedding of various lengths in crossed cubes with faulty vertices     (P.192)

    Hon-Chan Chen (陳宏昌), Yun-Hao Zou (鄒雲豪)

  4. Constructing vertex-disjoint paths in alternating group graphs     (P.198)

    Wen-Hui Lee (李文惠), Dyi-Rong Duh (杜迪榕), Ruei-Yu Wu (吳瑞瑜), Justie Su-tzu Juan (阮夙姿)

Session A3: Computational Complexity

  1. Path consistency with minimum edges      (P.208)

    Chia-Jung Chang (張家榮)

  2. Algorithm for the complexity of finite automata     (P.216)

    Chih-Hung Chang (張志鴻)

  3. Hardness of learning abelian loops in sublinear time     (P.221)

    Yu-Han Cheng (鄭又涵), Ching-Lueh Chang (張經略)

  4. Complexity of the contraction mapping principle with noises     (P.224)

    Ying-Chi Lin (林英期), Gang-Jiun Fan (范綱峻), Chun-Der Chang (張存德), Ren-He Hsiao (蕭人和), Ching-Lueh Chang (張經略)

  5. A short note on finding the limit of a sequence computed by a DFA      (P.226)

    Ren-He Hsiao (蕭人和), Mu-Jung Tsai (蔡牧融), Ching-Lueh Chang (張經略)

Session B3: Applications

  1. Networking cube-connected cycles for developing off-island, kinmen tourism     (P.228)

    Li-Yen Hsu (徐立言)

  2. Visual two-secret sharing scheme by different superimposition positions     (P.238)

    李翼豪, 徐熊健

  3. On design and implementation of gamed-based learning modules for graph theories     (P.244)

    Shih-Ting Ho (何詩婷), Meng-Chien Yang (楊孟蒨), Lih-Hsing Hsu (徐力行)

  4. Discovery of high utility sequential patterns with consideration of on-shelf time periods of products     (P.250)

    Guo-Cheng Lan (藍國誠), Tzung-Pei Hong (洪宗貝), Jen-Peng Huang (黃仁鵬), I-Wei Lin (林逸偉)

Session C3: Interconnection Networks (II)

  1. Constructing independent spanning trees on locally twisted cubes in parallel      (P.256)

    Yu-Huei Chang (張玉輝), Jinn-Shyong Yang (楊進雄), Jou-Ming Chang (張肇明)

  2. Improving the height of independent spanning trees on folded hyper-stars     (P.265)

    Sih-Syuan Luo (駱思瑄), Jinn-Shyong Yang (楊進雄), Jou-Ming Chang (張肇明), An-Hang Chen (陳恩航)

  3. A fully parallelized scheme of constructing independent spanning trees on Mobius cubes     (P.275)

    Meng-Ru Wu (吳孟儒), Jinn-Shyong Yang (楊進雄), Jou-Ming Chang (張肇明), An-Hang Chen (陳恩航)

  4. A simple parallel algorithm for constructing independent spanning trees on twisted cubes     (P.282)

    Ting-Jyun Yang (楊廷鈞), Jinn-Shyong Yang (楊進雄), Jou-Ming Chang (張肇明), An-Hang Chen (陳恩航)

Session A4: Metaheuristic Algorithms (I)

  1. A genetic algorithm for the bottleneck selected-internal minimum spanning tree problem      (P.291)

    Chien Yuan Ho (何健源), Yen Hung Chen (陳彥宏)

  2. Fuzzy control for exponential optimal synchronization of chaotic cryptosystems: neural-network-based approach     (P.297)

    Feng-Hsiag Hsiao (蕭鳳翔), Sheng-Yuan Lin (林聖淵), Zhe-Hao Lin (林哲豪)

  3. On the robustest spanning tree problem     (P.306)

    Ruei-Yuan Chang (張睿元), Sheng-Lung Peng (彭勝龍), Cheng-Yi Wang (王正誼)

Session B4: Metaheuristic Algorithms (II)

  1. 整合粒子群體演算法與單體法求解多目標問題之研究     (P.310)

    何怡偉, 高一統,黃冠勳

  2. 利用基因演算法實作一個 LEGO Mindstorms NXT 兩輪自體平衡機器人     (P.316)

    林哲英, 黃志鵬, 洪瑞鍾)

  3. 支援向量迴歸建立血壓預測模型改善血壓量測的不準確性     (P.321)

    An Kao (高安), Jui-Chung Hung (洪瑞鍾), Chih-Peng Huang (黃志鵬)