Proceedings of the 32nd Workshop on Combinatorial Mathematics and Computation Theory

National Chung Hsing University, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Taichung, Taiwan, May 1-2, 2015.


Session A1:Best Paper Candidates

  1. Moderately Exponential Time Approximation Algorithms for the Maximum Bounded-degree-d Set Problem     (P.1)

    Maw-Shang Chang (張貿翔), Ling-Ju Hung (洪綾珠)

  2. An Algorithm to the Nearest Neighbor String Searching Problem     (P.8)

    Yi Kung Shieh (謝一功), R. C. T. Lee (李家同)

  3. The Electric Vehicle Touring Problem     (P.16)

    Chung-Shou Liao (廖崇碩), Shang-Hung Lu (呂尚鴻), Zuo-Jun Max Shen (申作軍)

  4. A One-to-Many Parallel Routing Algorithm on Generalized Petersen Networks     (P.28)

    Wei-Te Yen (顏維德), Shyue-Ming Tang (唐學明), Jou-Ming Chang (張肇明)

  5. Unfolding Linear Tree Linkages of Low Monotonicity     (P.34)

    Ching-Hao Liu (柳青浩), Sheung-Hung Poon

Session B1:Combinatorial Algorithms

  1. Solving the Longest Common Subsequence Problem with the Lost Score Scheme     (P.41)

    Kuo-Tsung Tseng (曾國尊), Chang-Biau Yang (楊昌彪)

  2. A Note on the Degree Condition of Completely Independent Spanning Trees     (P.47)

    Hung-Yi Chang (張弘毅), Hung-Lung Wang (王弘倫), Jinn-Shyong Yang (楊進雄), Jou-Ming Chang (張肇明)

  3. A Note on 1-Median Selection in Metric Spaces     (P.51)

    Ching-Lueh Chang (張經略)

  4. An Efficient Algorithm for Computing Non-overlapping Inversion and Transposition Distance     (P.55)

    Toan Thang Ta (謝全勝), Cheng-Yao Lin (林政耀), Chin Lung Lu (盧錦隆)

  5. Linear-Time Algorithm for the Paired-Domination Problem on Weighted Block Graphs     (P.62)

    Ching-Chi Lin (林清池), Cheng-Yu Hsieh (謝政佑)

Session A2:Domination and Coloring Algorithm

  1. Dominating Sets with Matching Outside     (P.71)

    Chih Yuan Lin (林志遠), Jia Jie Liu (劉嘉傑), Yue Li Wang (王有禮), Chiun Chieh Hsu (徐俊傑)

  2. A (Δd+2)-Approximation for Unweighted Capacitated Domination with Hard Capacities     (P.77)

    Mong-Jen Kao (高孟駿), Hai-LunTu (杜海倫), D.T. Lee (李德財)

  3. Remarks on the Complexity of the Total Domatic Partition Problem in Graphs     (P.84)

    Chuan-Min Lee (李權明), Sz-Lin Wu(吳思霖), Hsin-Lun Chen(陳信綸), Chia-Wei Chang(張家維), Tai Lee(李岱)

  4. Some Results on the Incidence Coloring Number of Chordal Rings     (P.89)

    Kung-Fu Ding (丁坤福), Kung-JuiPai (白恭瑞), Ro-Yu Wu (吳若禹)

  5. List Coloring of Cograph     (P.94)

    Justie Su-Tzu Juan (阮夙姿), Hsu-Ling Liu (劉旭玲), Tsai-Chun Hsieh (謝采君)

  6. A Variant of the Sum Coloring Problem on Trees     (P.101)

    Chin-Fu Lin (林勁甫), Sheng-Lung Peng (彭勝龍), Min-Feng Wu (吳旻峰)

Session B2:Graph Connectivity and Related Algorithms

  1. (s-1)-Edge-Fault-Tolerant (Strongly) Hamiltonian Laceability in Exchanged Hypercube     (P.105)

    Chen-Hau Qiu (邱晨豪), Yung-Ling Lai (賴泳伶)

  2. 強彩虹連通逼近最小/最大可能值之圖形     (P.110)

    An-Jyun Li (李安鈞), Yung-Ling Lai (賴泳伶)

  3. Connectivity of Locally Exchanged Twisted Cubes     (P.118)

    Xiang-Rui Chen (陳祥睿), Jou-Ming Chang (張肇明), Jinn-Shyong Yang (楊進雄)

  4. 階層式交叉立方體之三回合適應性診斷模擬     (P.124)


  5. Genome Rearrangements: Efficient Algorithm in Pancake Graphs with One Faulty Node     (P.130)

    Jer-Shyan Wu (吳哲賢), Yu-Song Hou (侯玉松), Wei-Qian Cai (蔡維謙)

  6. The k-Canadian Traveller Problem on Equal-Weight Graphs     (P.135)

    Hsiang-Chen Chan (詹庠宸), Jen-Chun Chang (張仁俊), Hsin-Lung Wu (吳信龍), Tsung-Chien Wu (吳宗謙)

Session A3:Clustering and Bioinformatics Algorithms

  1. Performance Testing and Engineering Improvement on the Current Best Parameterized 2-Cluster Editing Algorithm     (P.138)

    De-Ting Liu (劉得廷), Bang Ye Wu (吳邦一)

  2. 雙重底混沌差分演算法應用於資料分群     (P.145)

    Cheng-Hong Yang (楊正宏), Yi-Kai Kao (高翊凱), Li-Yeh Chuang (莊麗月)

  3. 比較基因表達網絡來尋找與疾病相關的變化     (P.151)


  4. The Half Sibling Relationship Reconstruction without Parental Information     (P.155)

    Yen Hung Chen (陳彥宏), Chih Hsuan Tzang (臧之瑄)

Session B3:Miscellaneous Algorithms

  1. Repeated Evaluations of Linear Transformations     (P.159)

    Moses Christian (張摩西), Ching-Lueh Chang (張經略)

  2. Temporal Fuzzy Utility Mining with Upper-Bound     (P.162)

    Wei-Ming Huang (黃偉銘), Guo-Cheng Lan (藍國誠), Tzung-Pei Hong (洪宗貝), Ming-Chao Chiang (江明朝)

  3. A Comparison of Slicing-Tools for Fused Deposition Modeling 3D-printer     (P.169)

    Jing-Hua Chen (陳靖樺), Ying-Chih Lin (林英志), Han Yuan Tan (陳漢源)

  4. GPU上的平行距離轉換演算法     (P.176)

    Xuan-Ji Zhu(朱炫吉), Shyong Jian Shyu (徐熊健)

  5. 在無線隨意網路上能耗拓展圖之功率最小化問題的改良貪婪演算法     (P.187)