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Peter Brass, Hyeon-Suk Na, "Finding the maximum bounded intersection of k out of n halfplanes", Information Processing Letters 110 (2010) 113–115 王重傑 Jan. 5
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  陳俊仁 Jan. 19   N/A
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林東建   Feb. 23     

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Prediction Methods",Structure, Vol. 10, 435–440, March, 2002

陳俊仁 Feb. 23
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劉洙愷 Mar. 9

Janne Korhonen, Petri Martinmaki, Cinzia Pizzi, Pasi Rastas and Esko Ukkonen,"MOODS: fast search for position weight matrix matches in DNA sequences",BIOINFORMATICS Vol. 25 no. 23 2009, pages 3181–3182

陳愷瑜 Mar. 9
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曾球庭 Mar. 16
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何秋誼 Mar. 23
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王重傑 Mar. 23
Mengjie Zhang, Will Smart,"Using Gaussian distribution to construct fitness functions in genetic programming for multiclass object classification",Pattern Recognition Letters, Vol. 27(2006), pp. 1266-1274
陳紘昕 Mar. 30
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陳俊仁 Apr. 6
JI-CHERNG LIN(林基成), TETZ C. HUANG(黃哲志), CHENG-PIN WANG(王承斌)AND CHIH-YUAN CHEN(陳志遠),"A Self-Stabilizing Algorithm for Finding a Minimal Distance-2 Dominating Set in Distributed Systems",JOURNAL OF INFORMATION SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, Vol. 24, pp. 1709-1718, 2008
林東建 Apr. 13
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陳愷瑜 Apr. 13
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曾球庭 Apr. 13
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周孝岷 Apr. 20
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劉洙愷 Apr. 20
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王重傑 Apr. 27
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何秋誼 Apr. 27
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陳紘昕 May 4
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林志穎 May 4
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May 10
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陳俊仁 May 10
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林東建 May 18
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楊子杰 May 25
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周孝岷 May 25
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陳愷瑜 June 1
Bing-Yu Sun[孫丙宇], Xiao-Ming Zhang[張曉明], Jiuyong Li[李洪奇], and Xue-Min Mao[毛學民],"Feature Fusion Using Locally Linear Embedding for Classification",IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NEURAL NETWORKS, VOL. 21, NO. 1, JANUARY 2010
何秋誼 June 7
Mensur Dlaki,"HHsvm: fast and accurate classification of profile–profile matches identified by HHsearch",Bioinformatics, Vol. 25, No. 23, pages 3071–3076, 2009
王重傑 June 7
Chia-Wei Lu(盧家偉), Chuan Yi Tang(唐傳一) and R. C. T. Lee,"A Progressive Strategy for DNA Resequencing Problem",The 27th Workshop on Combinatorial Mathematics and Computation Theory.pages 45-49
楊子杰 June 14
Eunseog Youn, Lars Koenig, Myong K. Jeong, Seung H. Baek ,"Support vector-based feature selection using Fisher’s linear discriminant and Support Vector Machine",Expert Systems with Applications 37 (2010) pp.6148–6156
周孝岷 June 14
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Saikat Chakrabarti, A. Prem Anand, Nitin Bhardwaj, Ganesan Pugalenthi and R. Sowdhamini,"SCANMOT: searching for similar sequences using a simultaneous scan of multiple sequence motifs",Nucleic Acids Research, 2005, Vol. 33, Web Server issue 王重傑 June 28
Francesca Demichelis, Paolo Magni, Paolo Piergiorgi, Mark A Rubin and Riccardo Bellazzi,"A hierarchical Naive Bayes Model for handling sample heterogeneity in classification problems: an application to tissue microarrays",BMC Bioinformatics 2006, 7:514
何秋誼 July 19
Yixin Chen, Andrew Wan and Wei Liu,"A fast parallel algorithm for finding the longest common sequence of multiple biosequences",BMC Bioinformatics 2006, 7(Suppl 4):S4
陳愷瑜 July 19
Melek Acar Boyacioglu , Derya Avci ,"An Adaptive Network-Based Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) for the prediction of stock market return: The case of the Istanbul Stock Exchange",Expert Systems with Applications xxx (2010) xxx–xxx
周孝岷 July 19
D. Devetyarov, M. J Woodward, N. G Coldham, M. F Anjum and A. Gammer,"A New Bioinformatics Tool for Prediction with Confidence",The 2010 International Conference on Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
曾球庭 July 26
Chung-Yen Lin(林中彥), Chia-Hao Chin(金家豪), Hsin-Hung Wu(吳新宏), Shu-Hwa Chen(陳書華), Chin-Wen Ho(何錦文), and Ming-Tat Ko(高明達),"Hubba: hub objects analyzer—a framework of interactome hubs identification for network biology",Nucleic Acids Research, 2008, Vol. 36, Web Server issue pages 438-443
楊子杰 July 26
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何秋誼 Aug. 16
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林東建 Aug. 16
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王重傑 Aug. 16
Deng-Yiv Chiu, Ping-Jie Chen,"Dynamically exploring internal mechanism of stock market by fuzzy-based support vector machines with high dimension input space and genetic algorithm",Expert Systems with Applications 36 (2009) 1240–1248
周孝岷 Aug. 23

Yang Zhang,"Progress and challenges in protein structure prediction",Current Opinion in Structural Biology 2008, 18:342–348
陳愷瑜 Aug. 23
Ho-Leung Chan(陳昊樑), Tak-Wah Lam(林德華), Wing-Kin Sung(宋永健), Siu-Lung Tam, Swee-Seong Wong,"Compressed Indexes for Approximate String Matching",Algorithmica, Vol. 58, No. 2, pp. 263-281, 2010
曾球庭 Aug. 30
Yih-Chii Hwang(黃奕綺) , Chen-Ching Lin(陳景林), Jen-Yun Chang(江俊彥), Hirotada Mori,Hsueh-Fen Juan(阮雪芬) and Hsuan-Cheng Huang(黃宣誠),"Predicting essential genes based on network and sequence analysis",The Royal Society of Chemistry 2009 Molecular BioSystems, 2009, 5, 1672–1678
楊子杰 Sept. 14
S.C. Chiam  (Swee Chiang Chiam), K.C. Tan (Kay Chen Tan, 陳家進) , A. Al Mamum,"Investigating technical trading strategy via an multi-objective evolutionary platform",Expert Systems with Applications, Vol. 36 (2009), pp. 10408-10423
陳紘昕 Sept. 21
Sitao Wu(吳熙濤) and Yang Zhang(張揚),"A comprehensive assessment of sequence-based and template-based methods for protein contact predi",BIOINFORMATICS, Vol. 24, pp. 924–931, 2008
林東建 Sept. 21
LIN ZHU, JIE YANG, JIANG-NING SONG, KUO-CHEN CHOU, HONG-BIN SHEN,"Improving the Accuracy of Predicting Disulfide Connectivity by Feature Selection",J Comput Chem 31: 1478–1485, 2010
王重傑 Sept. 21
Chang Kook Oh, James L. Beck, and Masumi Yamada,"Bayesian Learning Using Automatic Relevance Determination Prior with an Application to Earthquake Early Warning",JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING MECHANICS, DECEMBER 2008, pp. 1113-1020
何秋誼 Sept. 27
Guy Nimrod, Maya Schushan, Andras Szilagyi, Christina Leslie and Nir Ben-Tal,"iDBPs: a web server for the identification of DNA binding proteins",BIOINFORMATICS, Vol. 26 no. 5 2010, pages 692–693
陳愷瑜 Sept. 27
Hon Nian Chua, Kar Leong Tew, Xiao-Li Li(李晓黎), See-Kiong Ng,"A Unified Scoring Scheme for Detecting Essential Proteins in Protein Interaction Networks",Proceedings of the 2008 20th IEEE International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence, 2008, 5, 66-73
楊子杰 Oct. 5
Tiffany Hui-Kuang Yu(游慧光) , Kun-Huang Huarng(黃焜煌),"A neural network-based fuzzy time series model to improve forecasting",Expert Systems with Applications 37 (2010) 3366–3372
周孝岷 Oct. 5
Patrik Bjorkholm, Pawel Daniluk, Andriy Kryshtafovych, Krzysztof Fidelis, Robin Andersson and Torgeir R. Hvidsten,"Using multi-data hidden Markov models trained on local neighborhoods of protein structure to predict residue–residue contacts",BIOINFORMATICS, Vol. 25, pp. 1264–1270, 2009
林東建 Oct. 12
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曾球庭 Oct. 12
Hsuan-Hung Lin(林宣宏) and Lin-Yu Tseng(曾怜玉),"DBCP: a web server for disulfide bonding connectivity pattern prediction without the prior knowledge of the bonding state of cysteines",Nucleic Acids Research, 2010, Vol. 38, Web Server issue W503–W507
王重傑 Oct. 18
Chih-Fong Tsai (蔡志豐), Yu-Chieh Hsiao (蕭鈺潔),"Combining multiple feature selection methods for stock prediction: Union, intersection, and multi-intersection approaches",Decision Support Systems, In Press, Available on line August 17, 2010
陳紘昕 Oct. 26
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鄭凱原 Oct. 26
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陳愷瑜 Nov. 9
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楊子杰 Nov. 9
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陳泓宇 Nov. 9
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何秋誼 Nov. 16
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曾球庭 Nov. 30
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周孝岷 Nov. 30
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林東建 Dec. 8
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王重傑 Dec. 14
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黃章豪 Dec. 14
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何秋誼 Dec. 22
Min Li, Jianxin Wang, Huan Wang, and Yi Pan,"Essential Proteins Discovery from Weighted Protein Interaction Networks",BIOINFORMATICS RESEARCH AND APPLICATIONS Lecture Notes in Computer Science , 2010, pages 89-100
楊子杰 Dec. 28


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